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Contact for Admission :

Gateway Institute of I.T & Management

Address : C-595, Opp. PVR Cinema
Vikas Puri, New Delhi-18
Email :  smugateway@gmail.com

Mobile : (+91) - 9811 6789 13 , 9811 599 499
Phone : 011-28540772, 011- 28540754


The industry integrated distance education MBA program from SMU is aimed to target the young professionals who aim to reach the top-notch positions in the corporate world.  We offer this MBA Distance Learning Program from SMU in various disciplines such as:

  • Marketing
  • Information System
  • Banking
  • Retail operations
  • Operations
  • Project
  • Total quality Mgt
  • Health Care services
  • Human resource
  • Finance
  • International Business

The MBA from SMU is specially designed to provide a deep insight into the corporate work culture to the students and help those seeking managerial levels in their respective chosen arenas. The core subjects help developing a thorough knowledge and skills. The integrated SMU MBA course also ensures an effective participation in team work from each and every student’s end and helps them reaching a top notch level by making the student fit for all kinds of managerial roles.


Semester Fee: Rs.15000/- per sem. ( for 6 Months) or One Time Payment (15% Discount)= Rs.49,600/-
Admission form and registration charges: Rs. 500 (one time only).

Mode of payment: DD or Debit / Credit Card. In case of DD payment , it should be in favour of - Sikkim Manipal University DE payable at Manipal / Udupi. Note: Students are required to take six subjects in each of the first two semesters. In each of the third and fourth semesters, there will be two compulsory papers and four papers of the specialization chosen by the student. There will also be a project in the area of specialization. The specialization should be selected by the student while registering for the third semester. Students will be permitted only one specialization.

For any further query or prospectus requirement you can visit our centre at the address given above.


Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MB0038  Management Process and Organization Behavior 4
MB0039  Business Communication 4
MB0040  Statistics for Management 4
MB0041  Financial and Management Accounting 4
MB0042  Managerial Economics 4
MB0043  Human Resource Management 4
                                        Total Cumulative Credits         24
MB0044  Production and operations management 4
MB0045  Financial Management 4
MB0046  Marketing Management 4
MB0047  Management Information System 4
MB0048  Operations Research 4
MB0049  Production Management 4
                                        Total Cumulative Credits         46
MB0050  Research Methodology & Business Policy 4
MB0051  Legal Aspects of Business 4
   4 subjects in area of specialization(4 credits each) 16
                                        Total Cumulative Credits         72
MB0052  Strategic Management & Business 4
MB0053  International Business Management 4
   4 subjects in area of Specialization(4 credits each) 16
   Project 4
                                        Total Cumulative Credits         100

Marketing Management

Third Semester    
Sub Code Subject Title Credits
MK0010 Sales Distribution and Supply Chain Management 4
MK0011 Consumer Behavior  
MK0012 Retail Marketing 4  
MK0013 Marketing Research 4
MK0014 Project*  
Fourth Semester    
MK0015 Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management 4
MK0016 Advertising Management & Sales Promotion 4
MK0017 e-Marketing 4
MK0018 International Marketing 4

Information Systems Management

  Third Semester        
  Sub Code   Subject Title   Credits
  MI0033   Software Engineering   4
  MI0034   Database Management Systems (DBMS)   4
  MI0035   Computer Networks   4
  MI0036   Business Intelligence and Tools   4
  MI0037   Project*    
  Fourth Semester        
  MI0038   Enterprises Resource Planning  (ERP)   4
  MI0039   e-Commerce   4
  MI0040   Technology Management   4
  MI0041   Java and Web Design   4
  MI0037   Project    

Banking Management

 Third Semester      
 Sub Code  Subject Title  Credits
 MA0036  Financial System & Commercial Banking  4
 MA0037  Banking Related Laws & Practices  4
 MA0038  Banking Operations  4
 MA0039  Retail Banking  4
 MA0040  Project*  4
 Fourth Semester      
 MA0041  Merchant Banking & Financial Services  4
 MA0042  Treasury Management  4
 MA0043  Corporate Banking  4
 MA0044  Institutional Banking  4
 MA0040  Project*  4

Retail Operations Management

 Third Semester      
 Sub Code  Subject Title  Credits
 ML0010  Warehousing & Supply Chain Management  4
 ML0011  Buying & Merchandising  4
 ML0012  Store Operations  4
 ML0013  Retail IT Management  4
 ML0014  Project*   
 Fourth Semester      
 ML0015  Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management   
 ML0016  Advertising Management & Sales Promotion   
 ML0017  Mall Management   
 ML0018  Project Management in Retail   
 ML0014  Project*   

Operations Managemen

 Third Semester      
 Sub Code  Subject Title  Credits
 OM0010  Operations Management  4
 OM0011  Enterprises Resource Planning  4
 OM0012  Supply Chain Management  4
 OM0013  Advanced Production and Operations Management  4
 OM0014  Project*  4
 Fourth Semester      
 OM0015  Maintenance Management  4
 OM0016  Quality Management  4
 OM0017  Advanced Production Planning and Control  4
 OM0018  Technology Management  4
 OM0014  project  4

Project Management

 Third Semester      
 Sub Code  Subject Title  Credits
 PM0010  Introduction to Project Management   
 PM0011  Project Planning and Scheduling   
 PM0012  Project Finance and Budgeting   
 PM0013  Managing Human Resources in Projects   
 PM0014  Project*   
 Fourth Semester      
 PM0015  Quantitative Methods in Project Management   
 PM0016  Project Risk Management   
 PM0017  Project Quality Management   
 PM0018  Contracts Management in Projects   
 PM0014  Project* 4   

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