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What is Information Technology?

Information Technology has been the greatest agent for change of this century and promises to play this role even more dramatically in the coming decades. IT is changing every aspect of human life communication.
  • Trade Manufacturing Services Culture
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Research
  • National Defense
  • Global security


What is Management Science?

Management is the art and science of coordinating resources and utilizing them to the best advantage in achieving set objectives. Management, in this sense, is an inevitable component of all human activities, irrespective of profit objective and is not confined to profit oriented industries and businesses, as popularly perceived and understood.

The essential principles guiding management of resources and delivering on objectives have not changed in the basic sense, over the years. However, management’s perspectives, methodologies, and tools have undergone much transformation, under the pressure of evolving global trends.


What is Journalism & Mass Communication?

Mass Communication is the study of mass media including all types of medium used to convey information to the audience. Examples of mass media include newspapers, magazines, films, radio, television, etc.

The graduates of Mass Communication programmes work in a variety of fields in news media and publishing, public relations and research institutes. The field of communication requires a skilled and professional approach. This field is a fast growing industry looking for enterprising professionals.

  Keeping this in mind, SMU-DE programmes are specially designed for journalism aspirants to make a career in myriad areas of mass media and communication, and aims to impart comprehensive training for various professionals in print, radio, television, internet and corporate communication.


What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the application of scientific techniques to modify and improve plants, animals, and microorganisms to enhance their value. The science of biotechnology can be further subdivided into disciplines called red, white, green, and blue. The Indian biotechnology sector today comprises over 325 companies.

What is Bioinformatics?

Bioinformatics has become a frontline applied science and is of vital importance to study biology. Bioinformatics is widely recognized as the new scientific Endeavour of the twenty-first century. Full genomic sequencing, structural genomics, proteomics, micro-arrays and other areas which are used to solve complex biological problems will be limited without bioinformatics

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